Monday, December 15, 2008

Week Sixteen

I have some very bad news for all of you loyal blog readers: Due to travel, this will be the last 12,767 Kilometers entry of 2008. Yes, my blog is joining me on a 2-week hiatus, as I will likely have limited-to-no access to a computer. I know. It'll be rough. But try and spend time with your families instead, and if that makes you even more bored, watch Chrismukkah reruns on iTunes. That's what I would do!

Well, Tuesday was my last official day at B-M and my wonderful colleagues gave me two 30-packs of Diet Coke as a farewell gift. While I would have prefered to have been remembered for my contributions to new business, excellent client service or creative ideas for 2009 PR plans, apparently my legacy will instead be the 16-20 Diet Cokes I consumed on an average week. Obviously I will be missed.

The job search, however, has officially begun and I can't say I've had much luck thus far. One of you valued readers suggested I should look for job opportunities as a blogger, a form of new media that is becoming increasingly utilized by corporations, organizations and people with way too much time on their hands. Unfortunately, blog jobs in Australia are hard to come by. There are more than 53,000 jobs advertised on CareerOne and more than 146,000 on Seek, yet zero jobs for blogging here in Australia. Here are some of the results from several keyword searches:
"blogger": 0 jobs
"blogging": 6 jobs
"investor relations": 7 job
"corporate communications": 41 jobs
"wood machinist": 37 jobs
"plumber": 198
"fork lift": 1,259 jobs

Now you see what I'm up against. If I were a professional fork lift operator my week would be filled with job interviews (and booze), but alas I am not. While there are zero jobs available for professional blogging, there are also zero employment opportunities for "crocodile wrestler", "kangaroo boxer" and "professional didgeridoo musician", three keyword searches I was sure would dominate the available job ops, meaning jobs are in fact difficult to come by here in Australia. I've had some promising conversations with several influencers from the sector, but won't get my hopes up until I sign a contract. Regardless, I am going on holiday in less than three days!!

I'll be taking a break (from doing nothing) to travel from Cairns to Surfer's Paradise, stopping in Airlie Beach, Long Island, Rockhampton and Fraser Island on the way. Rumor has it Contiki tours are filled with mischief, but I'm sure my tour will be angelic and productive. I'll be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sailing through the Whitsundays, and am pretty stoked to say the least. I get back to Melbourne on New Year's Eve, where I still don't know what I'm doing to ring in the new year.

As we're approaching the end of another year I figured I might as well give the customary "Best of" awards to some of the most important, memorable or personal favorite highlights of 2008:

Best Soft Drink of 2008: Diet Coke
Best Diet Coke of 2008: Diet Coke with Lime
Best Purchase of 2008: ZipCar membership
Worst Purchase of 2008: tie between NYSE:EYE and a $119 Brooks Brothers tie I lost before wearing.
Best Decision of 2008: $20 on lucky number 8
Worst Decision of 2008: to wear a white blazer to a Hawaian Punch Party
Best Day of 2008: July 30th: the move from San Francisco
Worst Football Team of 2008: Syracuse
Worst Musician of 2008: Gabriella Cilmi
Best Color of 2008: Aqua Blue
Worst Haircut of 2008: my current haircut
Best 3C1W of 2008: 3C1W2
Worst City of 2008: Washington D.C. - why would anyone live there?
Overall Best Thing of 2008: All of the wonderful and diverse new people I met this year from Long Island to San Diego and as far away as Europe, Asia, South America and of course Australia.

It's been a great year filled with wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Here's hoping to an even better 2009. Happy holidays!! Sixteen weeks down, 36 to go...??

Week Sixteen Summary:
Weather: more pouring rain and wind
New observation: we should probably do something to help re-stimulate the economy...
New activity(ies): Santa Lucia at the Swedish Church
New food: Aussie pizza, Aussie eggs benedict
New word(s): the loo (toilet), fairy floss (cotton candy)
New people: More Swedes - they just keeping. It's like they're escaping a war-torn country...
What I miss: College football bowl season, direct deposit, my Mastercard, my Christmas tree, New Year's at the Gravity Room, the pre-global downturn economy


Netteke said...

Uhm excuse me, I seem to remember there were "other" new people you were gonna mention to get on their good side!!! How the heck are you going to make up for that (your annual Christmas mailing better be good ;) I just introduced a friend of mine to your stain stick (sounds a little... odd) and it was the awesomest!)??
And also, unless you got a new cut, I actually like your hair for the first time in 7 years!?

So jealous of the trip, have fun, do some research for me!!! (I was surfing yesterday ;)) I'm actually planning a really fun New Year's this time for the first time in well... ever. Yay.

Keep me posted.

Love from EUROPE! ;)

Diana said...

Well I sure do hope that you are bringing me a really nice present from Australia after bashing Washington DC - seriously, while I loved San Fran, have you ever been to NY?? Philly? Pittsburg? Dallas? Syracuse? Los Angeles?? The list of less fortunately cities goes on and on...I think you are just jelous that I will be in the same city as the our new awesome president and you won't ...oh, that's right - you wanted McCain....OUCH!

Have a wonderful trip - be safe, stay away from blond strangers, and take lots of pics. Connect soon when you can ok?

Merry Christmas!

Tara said...

Oh New Year's Eve at the Gravity Room. I miss you Don! I'm at a loss for plans this year... And at this rate, I fear we may be doing 3C1W minus a W. 3C just doesn't have the same ring to it. Neither does 3C-no-W. Come back!!

Jasmine said...

I watched a Chrismuakah episode just for you!

Feel loved.